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About Don

Don is a seasoned angler and has been on the water since the age of 6 years. Pleasure fishing has led him to competitive Tournament Angling, having success in Canada and the U.S. The hours spent on the water has led "STICKY" to successfully operate a guiding business and a bait and tackle store.

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Don Stokotelny
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Dauphin, Manitoba

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                                                        Ice Fishing


As we barreled across the snow and ice towards the village of ice fishing shacks, I glanced back at the ladies
all cozy in the Bombardier and smiled. I was certain this was one of the best ways to enjoy a snowy day in Manitoba.


I had signed up for a day of ice fishing with a group of women and our guide was Sticky's Bait and Tackle based in
Dauphin. I was a bit apprehensive...I had been fishing many times, but never in the winter and never through a hole
in the ice. I wasn't sure what to expect, but being the adventurous type, I decided to give it a shot.

We met up with Sticky at the edge of Lake Dauphin. We were also greeted by a captivating 1950" Bombardier
snowmobile capable of carrying a dozen people. We piled in and set out for the shacks and giggled as we hit
snow drifts and plowed right on through with ease.

When we made it to the fishing shacks the real fun began. Sticky gave us some demonstrations covering the basics
of ice fishing. As we claimed our fishing holes we started waging bets...Who would be the first one to catch a fish,
Who would catch the biggest fish, how many fish would we catch? Sticky just smiled and laughed and said we would
not be disappointed. And we weren't. Within minutes a scream of delight was heard and Sticky went running to help
one of our novice fisherman pull in her catch with ease. Its a keeper! The first fish of the day was tossed into the
container and bets were back on as to who would catch the next one..

We all caught multiple fish and with Sticky watching closely and helping us learn the tricks of the trade we handled
it like pros. Halfway through the day it was time to take a break and feast out on the ice. There was afully catered lunch, cooked right there by the shacks. Salads, barbequed steaks, fries, shrimp and cheesecake filled our bellies and
replenished our energy. As i sat there with the sun beating down on me on the brisk winter day, surrounded by a great
 group of people, I was happy, I knew i was hooked. Hooked on ice fishing, Hooked on experiencing winters in
Manitoba to the fullest.

Are you interested in getting a group together and booking a guided ice fishing trip to beat the winter blues?
It's a great way to experience winter in Manitoba. For more information, Give

Stickys Bait and Tackle a call @
Phone: 204-638-3658
Cell:     204-648-3166
Email: stackle@mts.net



 "The Parkland area of Manitoba, Canada will be the next "Fishing Mecca" in Western Canada."  Multispecies are available within an hour of the city of Dauphin, Manitoba.Travel to the Duck Mountain Provincial Park for any trout species you desire. Brookies, Rainbows, Browns, Splake, Spar, Lakers, and the ferocious  Tiger Trout, whether on the fly or with your spinning gear. West of Dauphin  awaits "Lake of the Prairies" , the #1 drive to Walleye and Perch factory in  Western
Canada. Just East of us is  "Dauphin Lake", also known as the tops for consistently icing Walleyes all winter long, as well as great open water action. And just a few hours north awaits non-stop Lake Trout/Pike action. Promotion of the area is underway, with last season hosting "Hank Parker" with the production of "Canadian Walleyes" on Lake of the Prairies, previously hosting Don Lamont on "The Complete Angler" with incredible first  ice Walleye action on Dauphin Lake, as well as the "Gone Fishing" show from  the West icing 110 walleyes IN ONE DAY. This past June hosted Ron Schara's  "Minnesota Bound" jigging Walleyes at Lake of the Prairies, and "Backroads with Ron & Raven" with great Tiger Trout flyfishing action, and then this winter icing Walleyes on Dauphin Lake with Chip Leer's "Fishing the Wildside" show as well as some great trout action. Our fisheries are listed in many angler magazines as well. With strict conservation measures already  in place, we are ready to host YOU!




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"Some days on the river stay with you long after the rods are put away for the year. Sometimes it is the fishing you remember, sometimes it's the companionship, and for the lucky few, sometimes it's both.